• A picture is worth a thousand data points.
    Teach your data to see and understand with a little help from Visionati.

Welcome to Visionati.

Visionati provides image and video content analysis for categorization, tagging, facial detection, NSFW filtering, and more. We accomplish this by aggregating the best visual AI services available, merging the results, then delivering the data to you in one convenient format. By tapping into multiple services, we're able to provide the most accurate and comprehensive data set on the market.


Quickly uncover more accurate search results.

Our technology makes it easier for customers to find and organize imagery. We can automatically add relevant tags and a wide range of metadata that makes searches more effective. When user generated content is posted online, often times the person posting will only add a few tags, and may not include meaningful search material. By using Visionati you can search by the number of people in a photo, gender, age range, sentiment and brand name in addition to traditional tags, all without any input from the end user.


Protect your users and block offensive content.

We protect the reputation of online publishers by ensuring their users have a positive experience online. Our technology provides websites with all the tools required to filter pornographic and violent imagery that can lead to complaints from advertisers and users. Don't let your users report damaging content, automatically scan your images with Visionati and make sure it is never shown to them in the first place.

Obtain data from multiple sources.

Visionati provides the most complete and actionable visual AI data available. We accomplish this by merging data from major AI services including Google Vision, IBM's Watson, Clarifai and Imagga. Our unique offering provides the most comprehensive feature set on the market, and the highest quality results in the industry today!

Using multiple services is essential to gathering all the possible insights from your images and videos. Let’s take a closer look at the image below to clearly illustrate why a single service is never enough.

Visionati Insights

Tags: cold, fashion, fun, outdoors, people, pretty, winter, woman... (71 total)

Brands: Coca-Cola

Faces: 1

Gender: Female

Age: 18-24

Safe: true

We leveraged ALL the services above to gather insights and produce data about this image. Not only did we return an average of 350% more unique tags than any single AI service, but we are the only service that can return high quality tags, the Coca-Cola brand reference, and details about the woman in the photo, all in a single API call.

We handle the complexities of using multiple services through our easy to integrate API. Don't limit yourself to just one service, when you can have them all.

Turn visuals into useful data.

Automatic Tagging

Identify what’s actually in an image or video and effortlessly capture those insights as tags.

Improve search results or utilize it for categorization of images. Tag photos based on subject matter, environments, objects and more. Auto tagging will help you learn what matters to your audience, providing the information you need to develop more engaging content.

Logo Detection

Monitor your brand and products, as well as your competitor’s brands and products as they appear in images and video.

Find your logo when it appears in social media posts, and gather data that goes beyond posted text content. Compare and contrast data from your competitors, providing the insights you need to better target customers, prospects and influencers.

Color Analysis

Sort and search visuals by the hues in the color palette.

Determine popular colors as they appear in products such as home furnishings, appliances and fashion. Utilize this data to guide the design and development of your future products, prior to bringing them to market.

Video Processing

Process videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and an assortment of other sites.

Glean valuable information by analyzing video content. We are the only service providing frame-by-frame analysis of videos, allowing you to accurately pinpoint when certain images appear, or when a particular sequence begins or ends.

NSFW Filtering

Curate explicit content without having to wait for user-complaints.

Flag questionable user-generated content, allowing you the ability to filter out images that could cause damage to your brand. Save time and money by eliminating manual review from this process. If your company website allows user-generated content, or if you’re a social media site where user-generated content is the core of your business, you will benefit from our NSFW API.

Facial Recognition

Spot people in the pixels, determine their age and gender, and diagnose their emotional state.

Valuable data about customers are hidden in photos, and we can help you collect and uncover this important information. Learn about your prospects as well as customers, and even the customers of your competitors. Gather data about target demographics, and benefit from sentiment analysis, which can be used when crafting marketing campaigns for enhanced personalization.

Optical Character Recognition

Notice, read and understand whatever text may be hiding in the visuals.

Move beyond analyzing stand alone textual content. Many social media users are posting image only content, which contains embedded text. We can breakdown text by words or phrases, and provide meta-data. Without our OCR API, you could be missing out on additional insights.